Teddy-Bear by Steven Jacobson

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April 5, 2016 by northerncardinalreview

eyes grey and granite, sparkling and shining, like the
moon light luminously across the lake.

beard soft and shaggy like a large and
lovable saint bear-nard pup.

face gentle and gentile like an
uplifting and used book.

soul lucent and lovely like the
pure and precious driven snow.

hair sticky and short, like a
grown and grey koala.

tummy oval and oversize, like a sweet and
succulent water melon.

heart rendering and reachable, like a
rich and reliable light house.

Steven Jacobson is a poet. His poetry has appeared in access press, calvary cross, linnet’swings, burningword, the glasscoin, nazar-look (romanian publication), praisewriters, enoiar review, penwoodreview, littleredtree and message in a bottle.


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