Between the windshield by Tennae Maki

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April 1, 2016 by northerncardinalreview

I struggled to diverge my eyes away from the

dust of the highway.


The high noon sun seared through the crown

of my head, penetrating thoughts and burning

holes in my daydreams. All the while, I sat on

the hood of the car, oxidized and creaking.


My trainers were worn, with skids along the

rubber soles, not unlike the tire treads on the

road ahead of us.


Gasoline wafted through the gasket just behind

me, seeming to weigh down the desert air.


It was a humid afternoon.

The discomfort alienated our beings, thereby

proceeding our intentions and ambitions.


You sat just behind my slumped frame, at the

wheel, your worn, dry hands still

held on tight to the helm.


Stranded though we were, by way of distance

and thought, the wind shield that seemed to

divide us, did just the opposite.

Tennae Maki is a weekend writer that works for an architecture firm by day. She holds a Master’s degree in Art History, where she studied architecture zines and urban planning. On a pro bono basis, she is also the audio archivist for an arts radio station. A native of Saint Paul, Minnesota; she is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York. Her work has been published in numerous print and digital literary journals, including; 491, Spillway, Eunoia Review, Futures Trading, The Bicycle Review,  Lone Star Poetry Magazine, and Belleville Park Pages.


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