Snowfall by Brandon Douglass

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January 17, 2016 by northerncardinalreview

out the window    slick
pure white  marrow
like angels ash    falls   coming down

child's  play, wild-eyed
pratfalls        a pack
                      of crazed eight year olds

ice skating     limp ankle ballerinas

        scoot,     stand,     thump again

miniature butts
black 'n' blue!

the doe softly bides,

nostrils flair     a restful
almost like hoofed statue

until distant voices
make haste her exit

kids will be kids,

skittish doe will  
   be getting gone now.  

Brandon J. Douglass has had his work published in DeCanto Magazine and The Artistic Muse. He currently resides in a small countryside town, twenty miles outside Cleveland, Ohio.


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