The Way by Brandon Douglass

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January 13, 2016 by northerncardinalreview

The way tall, tall pines acquiesce
naked     dignified,
bare of  green leaf balmy
night birdsongs.

Roots drunk
beneath not yet frozen soil,
Long trunks above sleepy white ,
like a happy dog's tail
or drunk roots below,
sweep dizzily sweep

sideways upon high air.

Tall pines dance    fretless,
Tall pines dancing
with old dance partner,

The audacious winds of winter.

 Tethered to each other's whims,
they push to and pull fro,
feeling out over many a-hour glass
the intricate nature of their nature.
Settling upon a rarified balance,

a perfect rhythm all their own.

Our human eyes project unpredictability
where there is anything but.

Brandon J. Douglass has had his work published in DeCanto Magazine and The Artistic Muse. He currently resides in a small countryside town, twenty miles outside Cleveland, Ohio.


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