Sunset on Mt. Washington by Michael Keshigian

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June 12, 2015 by northerncardinalreview

Green trees panic
when gray wind
ushers a mist
that infiltrates their boughs
as yellow light
declines to a reddish-purple hue
when the sun
no longer buoys
upon the tree line.
The crows gain invisibility,
darkness becomes their servant
even as the eagles
that soared
amid the blue dome,
drag down night
with talons full.
The pale rock summit
ceases to exist
until the crown is studded,
filled with starry jewels
when the mountain’s peak
brushes the black sky.

Michael Keshigian’s ninth poetry book, Dark Edges was recently released September, 2014 by Flutter Press.  He has been widely published in numerous national and international journals and appeared as feature writer in over a dozen publications with 5 Pushcart Prize and 2 Best Of The Net nominations. See his website at



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