The Gatineau Hills by Tony Cosier

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September 22, 2014 by northerncardinalreview

I draw the blue hills from mist across the river
even as I pull the stars out of the sky at night.
We half create what stirs us to delight,
share that much with our old world’s primal giver.
What we yearn towards enough we surely earn.
And thus I am convinced it was your concern,
my love, made these crocuses push
through the snow
these green spears from the earth
where they were not thought to grow.

Tony Cosier of Ottawa is the author of ten volumes of poetry, six plays, a novel, and a book of stories.  His poetry has been widely published in literary magazines such as Antigonish Review, Arc, Canadian Literature, Nashwaak Review, Prairie Journal,  New Quarterly, Tower, Windsor Review in Canada; Blueline, Cape Rock, Potomac Review, Time of Singing, West Branch in the United States;  Dreamcatcher, The Journal, Pennine Platform, Poetry Nottingham, The Reader, Smiths Knoll in England; as well as Poetry Australia, Poetry New Zealand, Prism International and International Poetry Review.  His most recent poetry book is Carillonneur by Penumbra Press.


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