Winnipeg by Jeremy Nathan Marks

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January 20, 2014 by northerncardinalreview

Some spirit that lives beyond the western Cordillera
has come down to meet this frozen trough of river that
runs north past La Fourche to form a sea with its mouth

It’s a process of subduction, mind over matter into the
imagination. A blizzard of dreams, a squall line of voices

In all the historical tongues: in Cree and Dene, in French,
English and Icelandic, Magyar, German and Slav

Different melodies of one persistent song that caught and
then drove on like the westerlies until it too was marooned

And it is a funny thing how the Exchange District obscures
the common sky with whispers of numbers and futures

In this city zero has always meant something: a wisp of snow
or the glow of back lit glass; the wind between the steel girders

Of Esplanade Riel or darkened like the windows of Manitoba
Hydro; the scattered dust of an effaced buffalo path on

Portage and Main; the crack of Hawkens or even shouts from
Bloody Sunday. All now is still like our granite Red

Whose cracks won’t form before April. By then perhaps this city
will have pulled up camp to winter on different plains

Far from the glacial lanes of the north wind. But God did not invent
Winter or Winter dream of God in order to be spared the rod.

Jeremy Nathan Marks is an American who has been living in Southern Ontario for the past seven years. He is a poet and amateur photographer whose “day job” is completing a PhD in history and tutoring students in the humanities. His work has previously appeared in several places including The Blue Hour, Sassafras Literary Magazine and Lake: a journal of arts and environment. His photography has appeared


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