Dear Ferlinghetti by Steve Rafalsky

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December 3, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

The terrible things you say
– as a severe yet loving father
to a wayward child –
concerning modern poetry
almost alone ring true
in this time of the assassins
of the muse

to accommodate the shoes they make
to take them into easier places
they have laid a vast concrete plain
over the howling archetypal heartlands

this way being a poet is no risk
one just learns the dance-steps
to the fashionable tunes
and sings
with minimal breath

the wild children you called
I have seen them
am one myself
– so have no fear
for the art
(this is no art
but war!)
it is our path
to demolish
what covers
the rich dark earth of the muse
what suffocates
the breath of its trees
leaving feathers and wing-bones
on the parking lot of souls

I just wanted to tell you
I love you
and thanks
for holding up the banner
of life and death
in this land where editors have outlawed
and that which also is beyond
their inner reach:
heart-music, and true speech.

Steve Rafalsky, born in New York City in 1942, and living there again, has published a number of poetry books through his own small press, plus edited and published, The Lightning Herald:  Un Journal De Poètes Terribles.  He prefers living in the country – near the woods – but as his wife loves NYC and he loves her, NYC it is.   His most recent book (2012, but out of print) is, THE WRITING ON THE WALL:  Among the Poets on Apocalypse Field, Global Arena of Consciousness.  He’s working on a book – of both prose and poetry – A Great And Terrible Love.


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