Walking to the Mailbox with My Daughters: Corey Cook

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November 21, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

Quiet squabbling segued
into quivering lips
and welling tears,
even embracing
when they found her
sprawled out
on the shoulder
of Route 113,
ten feet from our mailbox.

The doe that had orbited
the yellow house
all summer long,
eating our hostas
and plucking blackberries
from thorny bushes
bordering the lawn.

* * *

Later that day
I stood before the kitchen window
washing dishes
and saw a bleached fern bobbing
in the woods,
like the white tail
of a deer,
like a reflection
of my own hand
waving goodbye.

Corey Cook is the author of three chapbooks: Rhododendron in a Time of War (Scars Publications), What to Do with a Dying Parakeet (Pudding House Publications), and Flock (Origami Poems Project). His poems have recently appeared in The Aurorean, Boston Literary Magazine, Brevities, Muddy River Poetry Review, Smoky Quartz Quarterly, and Wild Goose Poetry Review. New work is forthcoming in Dewpoint Literary Journal and The Germ. Corey edits The Orange Room Review and lives in Thetford Center, Vermont.


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