5 Three Line Poems by Grace Vermeer


November 1, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

The Plumb Tree

Japanese beetles shredded each leaf.
Now I watch lace silhouettes
sieve the wind and white sky.

blackbirds whirl across marsh
a chill wind at dusk
rattles the cattails

farm dog barking,
the owl’s shadow
glides over snow

slow falling snow…
sparrows flit to the feeder,
a hawk watches, waits

moon over fresh snow
footprints crisscross
the maple’s black shadow

Grace Vermeer lives in Sarnia, Ontario, just across the river from Michigan.  Her poetry has received a number of awards including the Lillian Kroll Prize in Creative Writing from the University of Western Ontario.


2 thoughts on “5 Three Line Poems by Grace Vermeer

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