Summer Ends At Winnipesaukee Lake by Michael Keshigian

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October 5, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

We sat in comforting quiet
within a shoreline cove at Winnipesaukee Lake
during the final minutes of August dusk
where the sunlight,
gliding upon the placid surface,
illuminated the renegade crowns
of random milfoil weeds
motionless in the steady, darkening assault
while loons, at the mouth of the cove,
began their evening banter,
wailing as we watched them dive,
surface, then dive again in pairs
before retreating to nest.
Here in silence,
her hand folded within mine,
our minds united in apprehension
until a mallard approached
and quacked like an alarm,
pulling us from a mutual trance.
She suggested we leave,
mosquitoes looked to dine,
and we gathered our things
then sauntered up the narrow path
toward the Cape Cod style home,
dreamily glancing back
at the cove on trail’s end
we will most likely
not visit this year again.
White pines and giant oaks,
hovering overhead, deflected our dejection
for relinquishing tranquility
for the sake of necessity,
by absorbing the view.
The promise of next year
hid beneath the low lying shadows
and sprinkles of darkness.

Michael Keshigian’s poetry collection, Eagle’s Perch, was recently released by Bellowing Ark Press.  Other published books: Wildflowers, Jazz Face, Warm Summer Memories, Silent Poems, Seeking Solace, Dwindling Knight, Translucent View. Recently published in Red River Review, Illya’s Honey, California Quarterly, Boston Literary Magazine, and Foundling Review, he is a 3- time Pushcart Prize and 2-time Best Of The Net nominee. He lives in Londonderry, NH. His website is

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