Song Of The Crystal: Ron Lavalette


September 28, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

Safe the harbor here
where hardwoods creak
in wind
along the water’s edge
to kiss and mix
their shadows;
to measure air
and mark the water’s reach.

Safe the haven here
where streamlets, muttering,
murmur secret histories
of millrace, of millpond,
and of slightly shifted stone.

Safe safe safe
where water falls:
below the cliffstone
beneath a tree, beside a brook.

Ron Lavalette is from Barton. VT. He has been widely published both in print and online. A reasonable sample of his published work can be found at


3 thoughts on “Song Of The Crystal: Ron Lavalette

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  2. Kristine_ES says:

    I know of no better place to receive healing (and quiet poetry) than near the water. Beautiful, Ron..

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