Lavender Air by Jeremy Nathan Marks

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June 18, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

over and over again
I hear that lavender air
and taste metal
by wind chimes
on my ear drum-

my ear has a palate
with an arching roof

its sounds often are blue
by a lake
close to home

close and familiar so I do
hear the bear
hundreds of miles to the north

or a fox gliding past
and barking over and over
inside the lavender

a color that latches
fastens our door post
before the cicadas come

living just long enough
above ground
to find and to enter

the transept
of my thoughts
and navigate canals led by
a light out on my tongue

Jeremy Nathan Marks is an American who has been living in Southern Ontario for the past seven years. He is a poet and amateur photographer whose “day job” is completing a PhD in history and tutoring students in the humanities. His work has previously appeared in several places including The Blue Hour and Lake: a journal of arts and environment.


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