Soft Sounds So Long Ago by Debbie Okun Hill

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June 17, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

His moccasins make soft sounds
a gentle roll, heel to toe
deer hide pressing lightly
on green mossy surface

He is not native to Canada
familiar with the land
how the stream flows
trickles to the lake
how the sparrows flit
and flirt along gravel paths

His skin is not darkened by the sun
nor inherited from medicine men
and yet he finds comfort
in his nomadic path
a slow parting of tree limbs
being careful not to snap a twig
the buds ready to unfold

He comes here every spring
his wilderness pilgrimage,
a retreat from blaring horns
jostling crowds, city exhaust
his fatigue, a face worn
searching for time, a hush
a space silent and green
his moccasins reminding him
of a quieter way

Debbie Okun Hill is the current President of The Ontario Poetry Society and an associate member of the League of Canadian Poets. She writes from rural southwestern Ontario, on the outskirts of Sarnia. To date, over 230 of her poems have been/will be published in over 100 publications/e-zines including Descant, Existere, Vallum, The Windsor Review, Whisky Sour City, Quills, and The Binnacle. She is a recent recipient of an Ontario Arts Council Writers Reserve grant and Black Moss Press will publish her first trade publication in the Fall 2013. For more information:


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