Chasing Reflection: Carolyn Wishnousky

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May 11, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

Dark surrounds the trail to follow,
No shadows leak the light they swallow.
Pacing down with trembling pride,
Not masking what is felt inside.
Energy builds and floods throughout,
Worrying brings upon the doubt.

Destination’s glowing in your eyes,
Obstacles blowing off in demise.
Excitement urges but keep that pace,
To avoid devastation in good taste.
You’ll find the stars that you make,
At the end, reflected by the lake.

Carolyn doesn’t quite know what she is doing in life, but accepts that to be a good thing.  Believing life can be easier than we like to think, she claims things will tend to work out, and life’s biggest struggle is to find a balance between striving for what you want and accepting what you have.  Carolyn studies at the University of Michigan, where she just transferred from the School of Art & Design to Psychology.  Born in Oakville, Ontario, she possesses overwhelming Canadian pride, though currently is glad to call Ann Arbor, Michigan, home.

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