Sacred by Carolyn Wishnousky

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April 25, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

Embossed in my soul; tattooed to my lace,
I froze over a lake and held in place.
Feelings flood, and waters rise,
Cold came to save us from tides.

I truly love but will not have lost,
Memories buried beneath the frost.
Kept with how I feel; tucked away,
Not yet explored so I’ll never say.

Carolyn Wishnousky doesn’t quite know what she is doing in life, but accepts that to be a good thing.  Believing life can be easier than we like to think, she claims things will tend to work out, and life’s biggest struggle is to find a balance between striving for what you want and accepting what you have.  Carolyn studies at the University of Michigan, where she just transferred from the School of Art & Design to Psychology.  Born in Oakville, Ontario, she possesses overwhelming Canadian pride, though currently is glad to call Ann Arbor, Michigan, home.


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