Winter Walking: Heather Finton

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March 19, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

And the conversation
long before this poem
continued in snow
delicate in sun,
speaking so brightly
and being heard.

Joy as vibration
on stripped branches
and a naked heart,
the sound of younger voices
singing out of view
but present;
millions of green needles

Audible in silence,
a billion cells find choir
erupting on my dancing face,
soft tread of boots,
wave-wall of stacked snowflakes
balancing on bare busy poplar strands,
moving only slightly.

All these streams of information,
pores open to data,
nothing inert,
a dormancy lifted,
spectacular exchange of yes.

Heather Finton is a Yukon writer whose first book Generous Living was published in 1996; she writes for local newspapers and compilations.Heather’s mid-life poetry has been supported by a capacity for crafting words throughout a lifetime of articulating possibilities in order to enliven community. Her poems use natural and household images to reflect the pathos of our shared journeys; some are found at She has enjoyed a full life including as a mother, radio journalist, Cabinet media advisor, consultant to Yukon First Nation governments and NGOs, co-founder of the Northern Cultural Expressions Society, and co-owner of Sundog Retreat, an inn near Whitehorse.

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