Midwest Dirt Roads: Carol Smallwood


March 14, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

Fall ushers leaves scurrying
straight and in whirlpools
till stopped by weeds,
move again when the wind’s right

Winter brings roads white–
the boiling lava moving underneath
on a planet orbiting the Sun:
snow drifts, melts, turns to ice

Spring brings puddles reflecting sky,
silver mirrors changing to mud
or rivulets down inclines
that ripples in sun

Summer rain brings ruts,
a parade of dandelion,
wild carrot, tracks of
deer and other things

Carol Smallwood began writing poetry and fiction after retirement when she took creative writing classes. She has founded and supports humane societies.


One thought on “Midwest Dirt Roads: Carol Smallwood

  1. Hi Carol, I love the country roads as well. Wonderful how you picture each season. Ellen

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