The Advent of Spring Part 3: Todor Oluic

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March 8, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

In the
the angels abandon their post
and grace themselves with the presence of buoyant air,
soft sun, comfort and green grass that smells of life itself.
They congregate in valleys
and play their harps,
drink enough ale to loosen them
but not so much to impede their memories of glory,
dance around bonfires barefoot
with bells on their ankles and wrists,
and laugh with wild jubilation.
Then, when they have exhausted their bodies,
they lie upon the grass in silence
and smile as the firmament turns above them
like a sumptuous music box
lined with silk
and time.

the while
the Spirit
of Rebirth washes through
every open window,
every inhaling
nostril and

Todor Oluic was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and has been writing ever since. His writing is centered around the everyday life and seeks to show the trials, the successes, the joys and the sorrows of the average citizen. His work has been accepted in publications such as Seven Archons and The Pluralist.


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