Autumn’s Web by Gisela Woldenga

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March 1, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

The silver spindle spun tonight,
I see its laces everywhere.
Its silk is tender and so light,
strong as wishes, soft as air.

They wait with gentle shivers
as sunbeams turn their strands to gold,
into a million color slivers,
a rainbow I would like to hold.

But like dreams it fades away,
the sun is hiding now and then.
In whispery breeze the webs just sway
and wait to be transformed again.

Gisela Woldenga was born in Germany, immigrated, married, and had three children and three granddaughters. She started writing poems and fairy tales as soon as she could read. After taking some courses in writing for children she published her first story. From there it went to short stories, also for adults, and onto two novels, two children’s books. She’s working on a third one, which is almost done. She is also acting in commercials, and short films.


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