The Calm Before: Michael Keshigian

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February 28, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

Roses, hugging the lattice
are trembling, a rich,
red blur of anticipation.
Perhaps an army of insects
stalk their luscious scent
in the shadows
the clouds have created
with their odd formations
this windless afternoon.
The sky, a deep blue,
starkly backdrops
the invading gray vapors
that have stilled the air
with suspense.
Trepidation lingers
as birds have ceased their songs
and taken to nest
while the bees and butterflies
abandon nursing the nectar
they most often valiantly pursue.
The squirrels have stopped
their high wire act
and have scampered for the trees
which oddly gaze downward,
apparently intimidated by something
about to make an entrance
that no human,
strolling about, can detect,
distracted as we have become,
by our own idiosyncrasies.

Michael Keshigian’s poetry collection, Eagle’s Perch, was recently released by Bellowing Ark Press. Other published books: Wildflowers, Jazz Face, Warm Summer Memories, Silent Poems, Seeking Solace, Dwindling Knight, Translucent View. Recently published in Red River Review, Illya’s Honey, California Quarterly, Boston Literary Magazine, and Foundling Review, he is a 3- time Pushcart Prize and 2-time Best Of The Net nominee. His poetry cycle, Lunar Images, set for Clarinet, Piano, Narrator, premiered at Del Mar College in Texas. Subsequent performances occurred in Boston and Moleto, Italy. He lives in Londonderry, NH. (


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