Signpost: Steven Mayoff

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February 11, 2013 by northerncardinalreview

Listen to the distance of geese and guns.

An outline of arrowhead travels directly
toward day’s revolution into night.

Its trajectory from the Great Archer’s bow
can be tracked by a call-and-response of honking

and abrupt pops weaving through the cloud’s burnt
cork fringe. A metallic hue widens the distances

between speeds (sound and light) ricocheting
off the river’s glass surface, a lone ripple

embracing stillness, breathless in anticipation
of the next salvo of firecracker scatterings.

The nasal cries of the collective signpost — pointing
toward what cannot be imagined – reach a high

frenzy, bruising the curved air purple-pink,
and leave far behind this straggling gaggle below.

Steven Mayoff was born in Montreal, Quebec; lived in Toronto, Ontario for 17 years and now makes his home in rural Prince Edward Island on Canada’s east coast. His fiction and poetry have appeared in magazines across Canada and the US, as well as in Ireland, Algeria and France. His fiction collection, Fatted Calf Blues won a 2010 PEI Book Award. You can view his website at


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